6 Pack of 1kg Durable Water Washable Resin | Translucent Blue

6 Pack of 1kg Durable Water Washable Resin | Translucent Blue

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This item is only available for our Canadian customers, and all orders ship from our Ontario warehouse. 

Tired of your detailed miniatures breaking because your resin was too brittle?

Yeah, we felt the same way when we were trying to print miniatures and other thin featured objects that would break with any rough handling or even when we were trying to remove it from the build plate. 

After countless iterations and extensive testing across 10+ popular resin printers we created a resin that prints high detailed models well on both classic RGB LCD SLA printers like the Mars or Photon but also prints fast with the new cutting edge mono lcd screen printers. 

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Water Washable: we wanted a resin that would be easy to clean with a variety of different options including water, various degreasers, and even diluted concentrations of alcohol such as 50% rubbing alcohol will easily clean any uncured resin off the print. 

Additionally, our water washable durable resin can be cleaned by hand with soft brush, or with ultrasonic cleaners or wash and cure stations. Our resin can easily fit into your cleaning and post cure workflow.

Flexible and non-brittle: Brittle resins is always a sore spot for us because nothing is worse than spending all that time and money printing a highly detailed miniature model, cleaning it, painting it only for it to break the first time it gets handled roughly or accidentally knocked off the table. Which is why we made sure our resins had a bit of flex to them so that they could take some impacts and bending before breaking.

Low Odor: We hate smelly resin that can be smelled as soon as you enter the room, and often the problem is that a lot of resin ingredients can be very smelly. So we took our time to find a blend that would fill all our other requirements as well as have a very low odor profile.

Optimized for MONO LCD Printers: We were really excited to get our first mono printers in late 2020, but imagine our disappointment when we realized that mono screens overexpose many of the "fast" and "ABS like" resins that were made with RGB printers in mind. So we adjusted the photoinitiator composition that controls how fast resins change from a liquid to a solid.

In short, your experience with Ministry of Resin Durable Resins will be that you can get those ultra sharp details you see in fancy renders while still being forgiving enough to print on Mono LCD printers as well as RGB printers. 

 See how much flex MOR Durable has compared to other "big brand" resins.