Bang! Impact Resistant LCD 3D Resin 1kg Bottle

Bang! Impact Resistant LCD 3D Resin 1kg Bottle

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Need a resin that can do both great detail and have very high impact resistance? Then BANG! resin might be the resin that fits your needs. We incorporated all the experience and feedback we gained with the launch of our first resin Durable. So we created BANG! which is aimed at being a high impact resistant resin for both functional and decorative 3d prints.


Bang! Resin also has the following features:

  • Easy to clean with most solvents including Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Denatured Alcohol, and Ethanol
  • Prints at standard settings comparable to most resins on a wide variety of branded LCD/mSLA printers. (Settings sheet coming soon)
  • Low odor formulation
  • No heating or special environments needed to print (just room temperatures above 75F)    

What BANG! Resins are great for: 

  • Miniatures with especially fine or delicate parts that could easily tear or snap like spears, chains, spikes, or antennas.
  • Highly detailed yet impact resistant objects that are consistently handled like cosplay props.
  • Functional parts that could be subjected to drops or impacts like enclosures, cases 
  • Functional parts with a living hinge or snap in designs.
  • Parts that need to be impact resistant 
  • Used as an additive to mix into other LCD 3d resins to improve durability and flexibility characteristics of the final print.

What BANG! Resins are not so great for: 

  • Functional prints at high temperatures above 95C.
  • Outdoor environments where the part might be exposed to UV from sunlight for significant amounts of time without a protective paint coating.
  • Other environments where the part might be exposed to light wavelengths between 380nm and 420nm.
  • Functional prints that require high rigidity. (Parts printed with BANG! exhibit different levels of flexibility depending on the thickness of the part).  
  • Low shrinkage (BANG! resin printed parts have a shrinkage rate of ~6% depending on how long you post cure your part).

Printing note: BANG! Resin has a higher viscosity which results in a thicker consistency. For this reason we recommend printing at temperatures of 75F (23.88C) and above. If you are still having issues or cannot print above those temperatures, we recommend increasing the lift height and light off time so that the resin has more time to settle on the vat evenly during the peel retractions between each layer.