Ministry of Resin Settings Bounty (Or how to get more free resin)

Have our resin and like the idea of getting free resin for running a few simple prints? You've come to the right page and read on!

Its official, for the time being we've run out of space in our facility to buy, test and store the wide variety of resin printers that get released each year--especially the big ones which do take a sizable footprint on a workbench. However to ensure that we can keep our resin settings spreadsheet updated regularly we are publicly launching the Ministry of Resin settings bounty. 

We are offering a bounty 1kg of water washable durable resin in the color of your choice (provided we have the color in stock) if you can provide optimized layer settings for the following printers:

Athena 3d Printer
Anycubic Mono X 6k Resin Printer
Anycubic Mono X2 Resin Printer
Anycubic Photon D2 Resin Printer
Anycubic Photon Mono 2 Printer
Anycubic M3 Plus Resin Printer
Creality Halot Mage Printer
Elegoo Saturn 8k
Elegoo Mars 4 DLP Printer
Nova 3D Whale3 SE
Phrozen Sonic Mega Resin Printer 8k
Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k

Don't see your printer on the resin sheet and don't see a listed bounty? Shoot us an email to suggest it.

Here is how you claim the bounty in 3 steps. 

1. Email us with which printer you plan to benchmark so we know you are working on it (so we can remove the printer from the list so we don't get duplicate submissions), you'll have two weeks to complete steps 2 and 3 and complete submitting the benchmarks.

2. Run the Photonisters XP2 Validation Matrix (file here: at 50 micron (.05mm) layers. You may have to run this test a few times to find the optimal layer times, fortunately this test only uses a few grams of resin and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

You will want to interpret the test by looking at the tear drops at the center of the print which should have each tip barely touching. If its not touching then your layer times are undercuring the resin, if they are overlapping significantly, then your layers are set too high and the print is overcured--causing a loss of details.

Additionally its worth making sure the holes and dots on the left side of the test strip are close to the same number and that the lettering on the bottom and right side of the print are sharp and readable. Make sure you take a picture of the best print.

After you determine the theoretical "ideal" cure time you will want to print our second and final benchmark print the Ministry of Resin Support test (file and tutorial here). You only have to print this one once as we use this to confirm the findings of the XP2 test. Again take a pic of the finished print in the condition that you scraped it off the build plate as.

3. The final step is to take the pics of the XP2 test and the MOR support test (with the printer in frame) and email them to us along with a slicer screenshot of the settings you used. Once we have that we'll get your shipping info and send you a kilo of durable in the color of your choice provided we have it in stock.

Frequently asked questions 

Can I claim bounties for multiple printers? Absolutely! You can claim as many bounties as you have printers to complete them.

Can I claim bounties for multiple resin colors/types on the same printer? Unfortunately no, we only need settings for one color or variant, from there we can easily extrapolate the correct settings for the other colors and variants.

What products are eligible? You can benchmark any color of our water washable Durable and Bang! resin lines.

Got more questions free free to email us or join our discord to chat with our community outreach (and printer tech support) team member and the wider community in the Resin bounty channel.


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